A Constellation Maps Its Interior

Falling, it forgets the dark, wanders to remember
its place in the sky, how it slowdanced
across evening’s floor.
A lunar slip vows to brush up
against its ankles, but
now other stars shine out, not even in their own light,
but a push into sky, eyes closed, lashes
bent to cheeks. This constellation looks
inside, finds a nesting spot, a steep hill,
the birth canal, death’s long hall . . .
so far in, it loses sense
of the line, the ring, a sand grain –
rests a moment
to find bearing, regain purpose.

from For the Crowns of Your Heads: Poems for Haiti (co-edited of and contributor to anthology), February 2010. Pleae support the rebuilding of Biblioteque du Soleil in Haiti, destroyed in the recent earthquake — with a minimum $20 donation, you’ll receive “For the Crowns of Your Heads,” which includes an introduction by Edwidge Danticat, and poems by Jean Valentine, Cornelius Eady, Alexiz De Veaux, Tina Chang, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Monica Hand, and more!